Tuesday, December 16, 2014

GECKO GALZ 15th TAG OF CHRISTMAS by Amanda Phillips

Fifteenth Tag Of Christmas
Reindeer in my window
Amanda Phillips


2 papers cut into 4 x 8 and 3 1/2 x 7 1/2
hole punch
package or die cut snow flakes
ribbon and bells of choice
Tim Holtz woodlands tree and wreath
Miniature reindeer found in the doll house section of most craft stores.
recycled acetate from various packages
recycled cold medicine box
window die cut "several companies have these but I found with a rectangle and a small pair of scissors you can do the same..the key is layering.
Last but not least liquid snow and glitter...we all have glitter..but if by chance the snow is a challenge to get you can take cornstarch and or baking soda mixed with very little white glue and BAM!!! Snow chunks!
Gecko Galz ( Natures Christmas ) Collage set


Glue two base tags together making sure to weather them slightly with your ink, 
unwrap medicine box to be flat and carefully cut sguare matching your window size only slightly smaller, cover outside of box with paper/ glue image to the inside. Reassemble box ")
Now add tree and moss inside. Assemble acetate and window die and adhere to medicine box, adhere to tag. assemble the rest of your embellishments to taste and then apply snow and glitter")

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Happy Crafting

Gecko Galz


  1. OMG, this is beyond gorgeous! so creative and embellished to perfection! Love the tip about making snow chunks. xxD

  2. Love the techniques you used to create this awesome tag! Thanks for the inspiration & how you made the snow! Neat.

  3. What a beautiful tag Amanda. Love all the texture and dimension. Your embellishments are precious!

  4. Oh what a lovely tag -Really like the bow with the bells hanging from the string.Love the tip on snow making.

  5. OMG Super cute! Love everything about this...great idea making it a window scene...the deer, the snowflakes, the bows, the bells.....LOVE!
    Thanks for the diy snow info!

  6. Fabulous tag!! I love all the layers - it's just lovely!!!