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I'm SO EXCITED to find your shop! I found you through Patricia Miramontes and I've ordered now, I think, 7 items! I cannot WAIT to experiment with them! HOW FUN!

The 5 year old granddaughter loves ballet and just started taking lessons and I'm going to make her a ballet journal, so I ordered your ballet kit. I will post photos of it when it is done.

THANK YOU. Oh, I follow your blog now (I have 3 myself!) and I'm following you on Facebook and Pinterest.

Cheryl Dean, Palm Desert, CA ... We have geckos here in the summer. I don't use pesticides in the yard AT ALL and I've even seen the babies come crawling up our kitchen screen some nights. Did you know they chirp?

Thank you so much for offering vintage images of African Americans. These are lovely.
Sender:Norola Morgan

Once again, thank you for the charming ethereal ladies sheet. I feel blessed to have found your site.... thank you!

Thank you so much Leanne!

I have signed up for your newsletter. I have only purchased 2 of your kits so far because I wanted to see how they came out on my printer. They are stunning! I keep staring at them😊
Thanks for your beautiful digitals, freebies, and kind message. 

Take care, 


Message from Nancy

You just gave me a free gift for making a purchase. What a gift! The best graphics yet! If you only knew what a huge Pink Floyd fan I am. Rock It is amazing, outstanding, gorgeous and fantastic. Can't thank you enough.

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