Monday, May 5, 2014


This month I am pleased to introduce to all of you another one of the Gecko Galz Design Stars....Starr Timmons. Gecko Galz has been very lucky to have her as a part of our design team for a number of years and shared with us amazing works of art each month. So we thought it would be fun to introduce you to her in an up close personal way!

How long have you been paper crafting? 
Around 10 or 12 years ago I began playing with paper. I remember a friend asking me to come over to scrapbook and I thought “how boring”.  Wow, how wrong was I!!!!
What is your favorite kind of projects to do? 
The projects that I enjoy most are multi-dimensional. I like creating altered art, wall hangings , and other 3D items.  Card making is also a joy. It’s what I do to get away from it all and relax.   
In the industry who do you most admire and why?
 When I think of all the “Paper Crafting Stars” I don’t have one that stands out above another.  The creativity that goes into making a line of product is mind boggling. I admire the entire team that sees to the product from designing to delivery. I must say that I do have a great admiration for the women who have stepped out and become leaders in the industry.
What brands (besides Gecko Galz) do you enjoy working with?
I love my Tim Holtz Vagabond and the Spellbinder dies.  I think Maja Design and Pion paper are gorgeous and perfect for Shabby Chic.
What is the one thing in your crafting tote that you cannot live without?
What can I not live without…it has to be my tweezers. I use them constantly.
Where have you been published?  
I’ve been published in Flying Unicorn’s Digital Magazine.
  What is the best thing about being on the Gecko Galz Design team?
Okay, this is not a fair question, how can you put “the” best thing when there are so many!  I love working with Leanne, she is creative, patient, and a great business woman.  Getting to work with Gecko Galz products is a dream, the images are amazing with endless uses and I can’t stop without saying what a joy it is to design with such incredible women. Their creative talents are amazing!
 What is your favorite scrapbook shop and where is it located?
My favorite scrapbook shop, Impressive Ideas, is in Roswell, GA.  It is locally owned and when I walk in I feel like I’ve gone home! Love it!
Impressive Ideas
32 Magnolia Street
Roswell, GA 30075
How would you describe your crafting style?
Evolving. I love many styles but two stand out to me, Shabby Chic, it makes me feel girly, and altered art because it gets my heart pumping. I get excited about projects that I can change an object  into something different and new.
If you could have a job in the crafting world what would it be and why?
To be an artist where my only job was to create would be my dream job.  I would love to work with many different mediums and have many projects going at one time. I love painting with oil but I also like to get my hands on paper, cloth and medal.  I’m afraid that someone else would have to keep the business running, that’s not where my talents lie!
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Any last words for our friends and followers?  
Just a couple of thoughts, try to keep a journal or write on your scrapbook pages or other creations so not only you, but family members will know what and who you are featuring, future generations will love your information more than you know. 
Secondly, enjoy what you are doing. Find your style or styles and have fun creating memories. 

To see more from this talented design team member and all the other talented ladies on our team head over the the Gecko Galz website to the Design Team page!
Happy Crafting
Leanne Seed


  1. I have always been an admirer of Starr and her gorgeous shabby chic style. So nice to be able to read more about her. ~Diane

  2. What a wonderful interview. Thanks Starr for sharing a little of yourself with us. Your artwork is stunning and an inspiration to others!