Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Design Team Call Entry- Rebecca Farnham

Flowers, Fibers and Stamps Oh My....this discribes the beautiful paper art by artisan Rebecca Farnham!
Rebecca is a high school history/world geography teacher.  And as we can imagine her year has been a crazy, chaotic and hectic year with six classes and three preps (one a new AP World History class).  The one thing that kept me sane (ha ha) was scrapping with my friends and having my girl time. 
She started creating cards a year and half ago when she decided to make her wedding invitations (just a few because they were married in Jamaica) but when they returned she took on making the invitations for three receptions (in Texas, Iowa and Connecticut).  These invitations were very basic, but her interest started to peak.  She took a stamping class and learned the basics, but what really drew her into stamping and card making was an invite from a teaching partner to attend a birthday party at the store Archiver’s.  After that she started to meet new friends and just as her friendships blossomed so did her love for scrapping.    
Scrapbooking/card making for her is a release, it’s a time where she gets to let her inner child run free and be creative. 
She enjoys challenging herself and learning new techniques and inspiring others.

Here are a few of her amazing samples


  1. Awesome work, Rebecca! Love them all! Good luck! You would definitely be a wonderful addition to the design team!

  2. Rebecca you are so talented. These are beautiful and I think you would be a wonderful addition to the design team!! I have known how talented you are since our days in KEA together :-)

  3. Rebecca, You are so talented!!! Good luck, I think you would be an awesome addition to the creative team... Beautiful work full of creativity.